Automated carpooling program expanded in Contra Costa County, Calif.

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority, 511 Contra Costa and Scoop expanded their partnership to ease traffic congestion with carpool incentives

November 06, 2017
carpooling app

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) has announced an expanded partnership with Scoop Technologies.

CCTA will utilize its transportation demand management program known as 511 Contra Costa to provide additional carpool incentives to Scoop drivers who carpool from or within the county. Since the program launched in May of this year, carpoolers have saved 107,000 miles and 96,900 lb of CO2.

The pilot program aims to decrease the number of cars on the road and lessen the traffic congestion on Contra Costa’s busy corridors. To qualify for the pilot program residents need to download the Scoop app to connect with fellow commuters in their area. The pilot launched last week, and commuters can start scheduling carpools now to take advantage of the discounts. 

Bay Area commuters waste more than half a million empty seats each and every day, causing increased pollution, slower travel times and an enormous burden on the region's transportation network. The Scoop app connects people traveling in the same direction to and from work so they can share their commutes. The partnership between CCTA, Scoop, and 511 Contra Costa is aimed at encouraging commuters to share their ride to work, which in turn reduces the overall number of cars on the road.

Funding for the carpool pilot is provided by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Transportation Fund For Clean Air Program Manager Funds and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s Measure J sales tax.


Source: Contra Costa Transportation Authority