ATSSA president stresses low-cost safety solutions during Los Angeles hearing

ATSSA President Peter Speer testified before the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission during a hearing in Los Angeles

News ATSSA March 22, 2007
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On Feb. 21, ATSSA President Peter Speer testified to the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission during a special field hearing in Los Angeles.

In his remarks, Speer outlined ATSSA's 2009 reauthorization policy, "Toward Zero Fatalities," and urged federal, state and local governments to unite with private industry towards a single overarching goal--to annually reduce fatalities until there are no deaths on America's roadways.

Speer emphasized that, "While efforts such as seat-belt usage and driver behavior are commendable and should continue, more can still be done. By increasing efforts to make the roadways as forgiving as possible, we can collectively limit the damaging effects bad behaviors can produce. ATSSA believes that the best way to improve safety in these areas is to take advantage of low-cost road safety solutions."

Citing the ATSSA/TTI publication, Low Cost Local Road Safety Solutions, Speer told the committee, "While all of these solutions are proven to work, they are all but useless unless we know where to install them."

Speer's testified before U.S. DOT Secretary Mary Peters, who was the chair of the commission. Also testifying on the same panel were Eugene Skoropowski, managing director of Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority; Mehdi Morshed, executive director of the California High Speed Rail Authority; Dr. Genevieve Guiliano of the University of Southern California, School of Policy, Planning and Development - research and technology; and Will Kempton, director of Caltrans.

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