PTI announces efforts to augment durability of post-tensioned structures

Jan. 23, 2019

New and updated specifications, certification programs announced in response to feedback from bridge industry

The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) announced this week during a World of Concrete press conference in Las Vegas its current and future initiatives to help augment durability of post-tensioned concrete bridges and other structures. 

In response to feedback from the industry, PTI is currently working on several products and services to meet the growing demands of owners, contractors, DOT entities, and others who wish to design and build post-tensioned concrete structures.

First, PTI is currently working alongside the American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) to publish the second edition of "Specification for Multistrand and Grouted Post-Tensioning," expected to be released in March. This state-of-the-art multistrand and grouted PT specification provides technical information for industry stakeholders as well as rules for the contractor regarding materials, installation, stressing and grouting. The updated publication will include added commentary and new information on PT anchorage testing, duct specifications, and other updates. Second, PTI will be publishing the fourth edition in March of "Specification for Grouting of Post-Tensioning Structures." This comprehensive grouting specification provides information on grout materials, engineered grout, testing, and grouting procedures. The updated edition will include new requirements on material certification, robustness testing, and wet density testing for each tendon. The seventh edition of the third relevant publication, "Recommendations for Stay Cable Design, Testing, and Installation" was published in Oct. 2018 and provides updated information on saddle testing provisions, fire resistance qualification testing, and vibration control system requirements.

PCI also announced updates to its certification program offerings. Thousands of field personnel have been certified through the 'Level 1 & 2 Multistrand and Grouted PT Specialist' PTI certification program. This comprehensive three-day class includes a field demo portion and instructs attendees on various topics such as PT basics, tendon protection levels, PT systems and components, materials and testing, installation, stressing and safety, grout testing and grouting procedures, contract documents, and troubleshooting. This certification has been found to be beneficial for major bridge projects, giving all involved the opportunity to review all aspects of the post-tensioning work on their project. 

New in 2019 is PTI's 'Multistrand and Grouted PT Inspector' field personnel certification program. Attendees of the three-day workshop will learn about all aspects of materials, installation, stressing and grouting, and will learn to apply that knowledge on inspection of all installation stages of post-tensioning, including finishing, documentation and record-keeping. Also presented will be checklists of inspection items, and in-depth class discussions will allow participants to fully understand the importance of component inspection.

Later in 2019, PTI will be launching its 'PT System Qualification Testing and Certification' program. The certified PT Systems meeting the qualification testing criteria will be on the PTI website, accessible for the owners, designers and others, with different accessible levels. The program will operate in accordance with the "ANSI Quality Management System & Technical Manual." This program is expected to reduce DOT costs by shifting the approval process to PTI and PTS costs due to a centralized qualification testing. 

PTI Executive Director Tony Johnson, P.E., (left) and PTI Managing Director Miroslav Vejvoda, MBA, P.E., (center) at the PTI  press conference at World of Concrete.


Source: Post-Tensioning Institute

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