Dec. 28, 2000
On the forefront

On the forefront

Dexter + Chaney has launched integrated Project Management Software as a component of their Forefront Construction Management Software for heavy/highway contractors.

On the forefront

On the forefront

Dexter + Chaney has launched integrated Project Management Software as a component of their Forefront Construction Management Software for heavy/highway contractors. The software provides a complete solution for generating and tracking all documents required to run a construction project.

Because it’s integrated with Forefront’s 25 other modules, there’s no duplication of data when setting up or entering information on job, phases of work, contracts, subcontractors, vendors or employees.

According to the manufacturer, the software makes communication fast and efficient since information about every project-related topic is entered, tracked and distributed to the design team, subcontractors and suppliers. At any time, a user can pinpoint items that have not been addressed or are awaiting a response that could impact the project schedule.

RFI tracking, submittals, transmittals, daily project logs, speed memo, project directories, employee hire data, executive summary inquiries and reports all are covered by the software. Crystal Reports provides easy modification of any report generated by the system.

It also offers features designed to help project managers. These include remote access allowing users to access multiple projects from a remote location or at the main office; user-defined menus which enable project managers to focus on just the information necessary to run a project; and a sophisticated job-based security feature that allows project managers to see only their particular jobs.

Upgrade gives functionality

Version 9.7 of Spectra Precision’s Terramodel 3D design and drafting solution is now available. It provides significant new functionality for the surveyor, including the ability to download and import raw data from a wide array of survey instruments and data collectors. The software also has the capability to edit raw data.

Download/Import and Export/Upload Wizards lets users manage field data from a variety of survey instruments and data collectors. In addition, the software can create a template to read data from virtually any raw data file format. Improved compatibility with AutoCAD 2000 enables users to specify the version of AutoCAD to use when creating DWG and DXF files.

Other key features include 3D View now included with the CAD module; new features added to the Roads segment; HEC/RAS import and export feature; and a multi-layer DTM feature.

Internet ability/user tools

Autodesk Inc. has released AutoCAD 2000i, the company’s new platform for Internet-driven design. AutoCAD 2000i, the Internet edition of the company’s flagship product, is the technology foundation for solutions serving the building design, communications, government, utilities, land development and manufacturing industries.

New capabilities within the software improve communication and collaboration throughout the customer’s organization for their design clients, suppliers, vendors and others participating in a project. These capabilities include automated web publishing of design data, hosting online meetings, accessing design information from a worldwide design community, inserting hyperlinks into objects and dragging and dropping manufacturer’s content into drawings via the web.

In conjunction with the release of AutoCAD 2000i, the company also unveiled new user productivity tools and web-based functionality for its AutoCAD Mechanical 2000i and Mechanical Desktop 5 products, both of which are based on the new AutoCAD 2000i platform. New Internet capabilities make it easier for customers to collaborate, exchange design information and give non-engineers access to design data that can be leveraged for such tasks as purchasing, manufacturing and sales.

A host of features

The all-new SignNEST software provides true shape automatic nesting for an unlimited number of jobs, letters and objects. Available from SignCAD Systems Inc., it also has a report generator that provides material efficiency, cost and production analysis, and part and material inventory.

The true shape nesting features of the software allow for toggled mirroring, nesting within voids and holes, world and letter clustering rotation restraints and a built-in graphics editor. It also has post-processing capabilities to provide automatic output to cutters/plotters, lasers and waterjets.