Dec. 28, 2000
Faster heat transfer analysis

Faster heat transfer analysis

New capabilities that include the ability to input multiple load curves and thermal rod elements have been announced by Algor Inc.

Faster heat transfer analysis

Faster heat transfer analysis

New capabilities that include the ability to input multiple load curves and thermal rod elements have been announced by Algor Inc. The new features reduce modeling and analysis times and provide engineers with an edge in time-to-market, according to the company.

Through the use of multiple load curves, engineers can now apply any type of nodal-, surface-, or element-based load—temperature, convection, radiation, heat generation, heat flux—during transient heat transfer analysis to determine how parts or assemblies will react under such time-varying loads. The results of any heat transfer analysis can then be automatically applied as input for a linear static stress analysis or mechanical event stimulation.

According to company officials, providing additional flexibility through the number and type of loads that engineers can include within their models, the company’s heat transfer line allows engineers to simulate more complex thermal conditions. This means the actual thermal event can be evaluated in a single FEA analysis.

Also new to the company’s heat transfer capabilities is a thermal rod element. The element—drawn as a standard line element—can be used to bridge the gap between unconnected parts. Rather than directly connecting multiple parts by matching different finite element meshes, rod elements can be used to connect the parts.

These thermal rod elements then represent the characteristics of the void between the different parts in steady state or transient heat transfer analysis. By varying the stiffness of the rod elements through data input, the engineer can define the connecting medium and vary the resulting heat flow.

Software speeds readings

Riegl USA recently improved its new generation, lightweight and easy-to-use reflectorless total station through the integration of state-of-the-art SurvCaDD software from Carlson Software. According to Riegl, this combination completes the RTS-21-HA Reflectorless Total Surface Profiling System.

The integration of the Carlson software, according to Riegl, further adds to the ability of the profiling system in locating the relative position of any line of sight target for mapping of field assets, hydrography, marine navigation, microwave path surveys as well as other mapping, mining and general surveying applications.

Integration with the software provides a quicker measurement time for the profiling systems compared to previous models. Like the previous system, it can be monitored by a single instead of dual operator who can locate the relative position of any line of sight target and obtain topographical information within 0.2 - 0.5 seconds with a typical accuracy of +/-12.7 in. A built-in indinometer also allows height measurement and horizontal path calculation.

Rebranded, upgraded software

Earlier this year, Mincom Inc. launched Ellipse 5.0, a new web-enabled application set for asset-intensive industries such as mining, utilities, transportation, government and defense. It is the latest and rebranded version of the company’s MIMS Open Enterprise software and operates with the company’s AreNA business integration framework.

Within the AreNA framework, customers are offered both proven functionality of time-tested applications and the enhanced reach and performance of the Internet. The software expands the number and scope of tools that MIMS provided and utilizes an intuitive web interface. It features fully integrated maintenance, repair and operations, materials management, human resources and financials management, and seamlessly integrates leading ERP and industry-specific products.

Highlights include Ellipse 5.0 Enterprise Portal; Collaborative Commerce; Internet Procurement; and Standards and Security.

To offer scalability and flexibility, the multi-tiered architecture of the software has four levels: Internet device/browser, web server, application server and database server.

Digitizer interface

Vertigraph Inc. recently released BidPoint XL, software designed for estimators and quantity surveyors that are seeking an easy, affordable digitizer interface directly to their Microsoft Excel workbook.

When used with a digitzer, the software enables the estimator to click on a Microsoft Excel workbook cell and electronically measure areas, lengths and count items in seconds using the digitizer cursor. In addition to the measurements, a graphic representation of the digitized measurement also is saved to the Excel cell.

According to company officials, many estimators today still rely on architectural scale and time consuming calculations to obtain area and length measurements from construction drawings. With BidPoint XL, this process is automated and the time to perform the task accurately is reduced.

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