College Hills Roadway Under Construction in Texas

July 14, 2022

Construction in College Hills is underway as crews work to improve the roadway, drainage system, underground utilities, and signal upgrades.

“This is the top road that we hear from citizens about ‘why haven’t y’all done something with college hills yet?’ well now we are going on it. We got the design finished up,” Patrick Frerich, Director of Operations with the City of San Angelo said. “We’ve got construction going and are going to make some big improvements in that area now.”

The road project began in June, and currently, workers are starting with utility work on the north side of College Hill.

“Right now what you are seeing going in are the sewer utilities on the north side, they are almost done with that section and they are going to be coming in and doing water utilities right after that,” Frerich said. “Once they are done with that you’ll start seeing some of the street work- the curbing, the sidewalks, and the actual road repair at that time.”

Roughly 90% of the sewer utilities in the north side of College Hill are done.

Frerich commented that this project is going to be a long one, with a minimum of 30 months.

“You know, there’s going to be some weather delays, but we’re expecting at least a solid 3 years of this to go, so it’s going to be disruptive, it’s not going to be fun we know that,” Frerich said. “We are trying to do the best that we can to make it with as little disruptions as we can for the citizens and the people that live in that area that drive that road every day in their daily commute.”

The construction began May 16th and is one of many projects that is included in the city's master plan for streets.

In 2016, the city began a 10-year, $80 million commitment to improve some of San Angelo’s worst streets. This effort stemmed from the 2015 Fugro Roadware study, in which 660 lane miles of City streets were analyzed. After decades of deferred maintenance, San Angelo’s streets earned a pavement condition index of 45.9 on a 100-point scale.


Source: TxDOT