LAW: Trump rolls back environmental rules to boost infrastructure construction

Aug. 16, 2017

The president signed an executive order revoking Obama-era rules aimed at reducing exposure to flooding and sea-level rise

President Trump on Tuesday rolled back rules regarding environmental reviews and restrictions on government-funded building projects in flood-prone areas as part of his proposal to spend $1 trillion to fix aging U.S. infrastructure.

Trump's latest executive order would speed approvals of permits for highways, bridges, pipelines and other major building efforts. It revokes an Obama-era executive order aimed at reducing exposure to flooding, sea-level rise and other consequences of climate change.

Business groups praised the streamlining of regulations, while environmental groups and others criticized the order, saying it would lead to riskier projects, waste taxpayer dollars and result in a "climate catastrophe."

The order would set a two-year goal for completing permits needed on major infrastructure plans, and create a protocol that would appoint a lead federal agency to work with other agencies to complete the environmental reviews and permitting for infrastructure projects.

The administration proposes $200 billion in government funding over 10 years as part of a goal of getting $1 trillion in public and private infrastructure spending.


Source: Reuters