UAVs: Contractor partners with drone mapping company to cut costs on Kentucky highway project

Sept. 7, 2017

The partnership was announced in May 2017

Identified Technologies, the leading provider of automatic drone mapping and tracking for construction and energy job sites, announced a partnership with Kokosing Construction Company in May 2017; the partnership reduced costs and increased efficiency on a multi-million dollar Kentucky highway project.

On this project, Kokosing needed to survey two, 500-acre sites to track their progress and profitability as they cut through five mountains and used the rock aggregate for fill. Identified Technologies’ fully-managed commercial drone solution was able to provide fully integrated mapping and tracking, giving Kokosing total control of its jobsite data.  

Located in Elkhorn City, Ky., the two sites combined for a total of 1,000 acres. Both were drone mapped in less than a half day, and Kokosing was easily able to track the 33 million cu yd of rock moved throughout the projects. Kokosing Construction was able to defer project survey related costs by using Identified. “The combination of precision, 200 times faster speed, reduced cost, and increased safety, checked every box for us,” said Bill Clifford, Head Surveyor of Kokosing Construction, in a release.

"Generally, clients see survey savings of 80%-90% on their projects, thanks to the increased speed and accuracy of their mapping data," Dick Zhang, CEO of Identified Technologies, said in a release.

To view a full case study of the project, click here


Source: Identified Tech