ROADS/BRIDGES: Iowa DOT to fix interstate system in Council Bluffs

April 19, 2017

The department will spend $110 million to improve the highway system with seven specific projects

About $110 million will be spent this year improving the interstate highway system in Council Bluffs as the largest highway funding effort ever by the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) continues.

IDOT officials explained during a public meeting that seven specific projects for 2017 have either started or will soon. These projects include:

• A new southbound on-ramp from U.S. Highway 275/Iowa Highway 29 to Interstate 29.

• Bridge construction on I-29/I-80 near the South Expressway that will cause the westbound off-ramp to be closed for 60 days, with a traffic shift planned in November.

• Bridgework expected to close the Madison Avenue westbound on-ramp for 30 days, with a traffic shift planned in November.

• The paving of future I-29/I-80 lanes, along with bridge work over Indian Creek, with traffic shift planned in June.

• Union Pacific Railroad bridge reconstruction near Nebraska Avenue with lane restrictions on I-29.

• Completion nearing on the West System interchange of I-29 with I-80.

• Sewer work on I-29 near 28th Street with lane restrictions, plus the closures of the I-29 exit ramp to 25th Street and I-29 southbound entrance ramp from 25th Street.

IDOT officials also showed off two concepts for the future I-29/I-480 interchange with West Broadway. The first concept would provide one-way frontage roadways for access between I-29 and West Broadway, while the second would offer an on ramp from West Broadway to northbound I-29. Otherwise, one-way frontage roadways would provide access between I-29 and West Broadway from Ninth Avenue.