FUNDING: California Transportation Commission distributes funds to fix state highways, bridges, rail systems

March 21, 2017

The commission allocated $217 million for transportation projects across the state

State transit authorities announced Friday that $217 million will be allocated to projects intended to upgrade roadways, bridges, and rail systems across California.

The California Transportation Commission allocated the money for 72 transit projects and are encouraging the use of alternative forms of transportation, including biking and walking.

Of the money allocated, $130 million will go to 23 “fix-it first” projects that will repair bumpy pavement, preserve roads that are in good condition and prevent them from deteriorating, and upgrade bridges to make them safer and stronger.

Another $50 million will go toward two rail projects, $22 million toward Active Transportation Program projects and $3 million will go toward three capital improvement projects, both on and off highways.

Funding allocations were announced Friday for some projects, including I-80 between the Alameda County Line and State Highway 4. That project will receive more than $43 million to overlay new pavement, install new guardrails and construct ADA-compliant curb ramps, according to transportation officials.

State Highway 1 in Marin County, two miles north of Muir Woods Road, will receive more than $3 million to construct a new retaining wall and improve drainage.