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World leading manufacturer of modular trench drainage systems, in polymer concrete or fiberglass to meet your project requirements. Systems are designed for use in all commercial, highway and industrial applications, anywhere surface drainage is a problem. All drainage systems and gratings have been tested to DIN 19580 load classes A-F (pedestrian to extra heavy duty). The modular units and boltless locking systems make installation and maintenance easy.


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ACO Infrastructure addresses a variety of unique design criteria required in removing water from different types of capital infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, docks and ports, motor racing tracks, light rails, etc. Products in the ACO Infrastructure range address key issues raised in drainage of these type of construction projects. A range of polymer concrete detectable warning devices are also available.



Drain system

July 26, 2011
Monobloc is an 8-in.-wide monolithically cast trench drain system, featuring large liquid intake slots cast into the top surface. Monobloc safely withstands loading from fast-...

Trench drains

Nov. 16, 2010
ACO is a range of trench drains engineered for the design and performance demands of surface drainage on highways, roads and bridges. ACO Drain provides trench drains for commercial...

Case Studies

US 17 at Ave G after trench drain installation
Storm Water

Fla. DOT finds way to handle storm water on S.R. 555

Nov. 3, 2011
The Florida DOT needed to alleviate a drainage issue along a 400-ft stretch of S.R. 555 in Winter Haven, Fla. Given the lack of longitudinal slope approaching an intersection,...