Arizona DOT Preparing Roads Prior to Hurricane Hilary

Aug. 18, 2023
ADOT will use its traffic operation center to monitor conditions.

With Hurricane Hilary expected to make landfall as early as this weekend, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is taking time to prepare the state’s roads.

“You have to take it seriously, you know, and we know the focus is the southwest part of the state but we have to be ready for any part of the state,” said Doug Nintzel to AZfamily, a spokesman for ADOT.

As part of their preparation, ADOT is currently clearing out drainage ditches and checking water pumps along major roads in case flooding reaches the state.

“You never know where storms might pop up, so you do have to be prepared as if this is something that brings a lot more rain that is forecasted,” said Nintzel.

ADOT is warning those planning to travel west this weekend to proceed with caution, as those areas of the state are forecasted to be impacted.

“Don’t be in a hurry in terms of speeding on wet roadways. Bring a survival kit on the chance a highway is closed and you are stopped out there,” said Nintzel.

ADOT will be using its traffic operation center in Phoenix as a command center if things take a turn anywhere in the state. “We need to prep the equipment because we need to know if something happens, our maintenance crews can hop in a vehicle and get to the scene of those incidents,” said Nintzel.


Source: AZ family, 3TV & CBS 5