Sharpen Those Incisors

Oct. 23, 2003

Although most of the new products in this section are bigger and more powerful than their predecessors, there are still machines available for every application. This month, Roads & Bridges has gathered a sample of recent introductions of recycling/reclaiming machines and cold planers used for grinding up and recycling pavement.

Although most of the new products in this section are bigger and more powerful than their predecessors, there are still machines available for every application. This month, Roads & Bridges has gathered a sample of recent introductions of recycling/reclaiming machines and cold planers used for grinding up and recycling pavement.

Center rotor power

Compaction America Inc., Kewanee, Ill., displayed the new Bomag MPH122 recycler/stabilizer at the World of Asphalt trade show earlier this year. The machine features a wider rotor, greater cutting depth and a more powerful engine than the previous model.

The new MPH122 offers a 92-in.-wide rotor with 194 cutting teeth and a maximum cutting depth of 19.7 in. Cutting teeth are strategically positioned for uniform material pulverizing, sizing and mixing with minimum vibration and shock load to the rotor and drive components. Turning speed of the up-cut rotor can be varied from 100 to 170 rpm.

Pulverized material may be mixed with a binding agent or additional granular material for improved road-base performance. Additionally, the universal rotor design on the MPH122 makes it equally effective at soil stabilization applications. An optional stabilizer rotor also is available.

Powered by a 442-hp water-cooled diesel engine, the MPH122 features all-wheel drive for peak performance on severe grades or in difficult traction conditions. Maneuverability is further enhanced by the combination of a compact design and articulated and rear-wheel steering. Boasting a maximum working speed of 211 ft per minute, the MPH122 features an adjustable rotor hood that allows the mixing chamber to be configured to the type of soil or materials encountered.

Compact planer

The PL350S is a highly maneuverable, compact planer from Dynapac, Selma, Texas, with a cutting radius of only 4 in. capable of cutting around manholes, curbs and drains. The PL350S's maximum operating weight, including ballast, is 9,481 lb. The working width is 14 in., and the cutting depth is 4 in. Standard all-wheel-drive improves traction on loose or wet ground and on slopes. Increased water and fuel tank capacities reduce work interruptions to refill. The plastic water tank capacity is 127 gal, and the fuel tank capacity is 32 gal. The steering angle of 74° to each side improves sight lines and allows the operator to position the machine correctly.

Foam, anyone?

The "S" in the WR 2500 S stands for "Super," because the WR 2500 S is a beefed-up, higher-performing version of the WR 2500 Road Reclaimer and Soil Stabilizer from Wirtgen America Inc., Nashville, Tenn.

In addition to its performance as a full-depth base recycler of failed road pavements and as a soil and base stabilizer, the WR 2500 S can be equipped to produce a foamed asphalt base.

To create foamed asphalt, cold water is injected into hot liquid asphalt as it enters the machine's mixing chamber. The WR 2500 S can perform base recycling with emulsions, base pulverizing only or volumetrically controlled soil or base stabilization using lime or cement in dry or slurry form.

The WR 2500 S's diesel engine powers a 96-in.-wide, 20-in.-deep cutting rotor.

Material size is controlled by using hydraulically adjustable, manganese-lined breaker bars that can be remotely adjusted by the machine operator to tighten or close down the area between the rotating cutter and the impact bars, a scheme used for decades by the aggregate crushing industry.

Works forth and back

Like other CMI road reclaimers/stabilizers, the RS-800 Roto-Mixer is capable of operating in either forward or reverse with the flip of a switch. But the RS-800 does it with an 800-hp engine.

The machine from CMI Terex Corp., Oklahoma City, cuts up in the forward direction and cuts down in the backward direction. The modular operator station swings 180°, permitting the operator to face the direction of travel at all times. Many operators choose to position the station at 90° to the direction of travel, however, to get a good view of both the travel direction and the work area just processed.

The standard cutter on the RS-800 measures 120 x 50 in. and is capable of working to a depth of 16 in. An optional cutter, of 58 in. diam., is capable of working to depths of 20 in.

Two-speed hydraulic motors and planetary reduction gears in each wheel eliminate axles, transmissions and drive shafts. This propulsion system, combined with large pneumatic tires, gives superior traction on the toughest of jobs. Working speeds range up to 95 ft/min, with travel speeds to 5.5 mph.

Upgraded planer & reclaimer

A higher-powered, emissions-certified engine, new elevation controls, a new control console layout and modifications to the hydraulic system are among the upgrades on the PM-565B, a half-lane cold planer from Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Ill.

Designed and manufactured by Caterpillar Paving Products in Minneapolis, the four-track, front-discharge machine is an update to the previous Caterpillar PM-565 cold planer. The PM-565B continues to have an operating weight of approximately 83,600 lb and is equipped with an 83-in.-wide rotor. Maximum cutting depth is 12 in.

Power for the PM-565B is supplied by a Caterpillar 3408E electronically controlled diesel engine rated at 625 hp.

The layout of the control console has been updated. Like on the previous machine there are dual controls for the steering, propel, conveyor, brake and emergency shutdown systems.

The rotor is a triple wrap design with optimum tooth spacing for high production capabilities. The 147 carbide-tipped bits are installed in weld-on, dowel-located holders mounted in solid 2-in.-thick flighting.

The propel system is fully hydrostatic with all track drive. Automatic load sensing adjusts working speed to match the load on the engine so the PM-565B operates at maximum efficiency. The two-speed propel system produces up to 132 ft/min operating range and up to 3.7 mph travel range. Rubber track pads are now standard.

Caterpillar also has an updated reclaimer/mixer. The RM-350B now features all-wheel drive and a blower-type cooling fan as standard equipment. The propel system has been updated to provide independent front and rear wheel drive. The rear wheels are driven by a separate hydraulic pump to provide 100% more rear tractive effort than the current rear-wheel-assist option.

Maneuverable planer

The Roadtec RX-500 is a 500-hp cold planer available with four track assemblies or optional three track assemblies. This lighter-weight, versatile machine from Roadtec Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn., allows contractors to cut up to 13 in. deep with widths of 6 ft 3 in., 6 ft 7 in. or 7 ft 2 in. The RX-500 is light and maneuverable for urban situations. A two-stage front load-out conveyor, with 60° swing to either side, provides ample loading capacity.

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