Arkansas roads breaking up faster than expected

ATHD holds public meetings to hear from business owners threatened by weight limits

News KATV April 19, 2011
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The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (ATHD) has scheduled public meetings this week to discuss the accelerated deterioration of some roads in the state.

Some highways are wearing out faster than expected, KATV-TV, Little Rock, Ark., reported. The AHTD has already placed weight restrictions on 1,200 miles of highways and may soon ban heavy vehicles on another 133 miles.

ATHD inspectors have tied the pavement deterioration to increased heavy-truck traffic.

Local business owners complain that truck-weight restrictions put a heavy burden on their businesses. They are forced to operate smaller trucks and run more of them or spend more money on fuel running trucks around the restricted highways and possibly through heavily populated areas.

The ATHD had planned to put the weight restrictions into effect on Feb. 14, but agreed to a delay in order to get public input. The weight limitations would affect 13 sections of highway, eight of which would restrict vehicles to 73,280 lb and five would restrict vehicles to 64,000 lb.

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