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The roads, bridges, ports, rail lines and mass transit systems that support communities and economies require a leader with the knowledge and experience to keep people moving and commerce humming. ARCADIS provides that leadership with a comprehensive portfolio of engineering, design, planning, and program and construction management services devoted to transportation excellence.

We have decades of experience shaping local regulations and cultural concerns into effective modes of transport. Our solutions solve problems of congestion, capacity and access:

  • Transportation planning and design
  • Road and highway construction
  • Traffic engineering
  • Tunnel and bridge engineering
  • High-speed, freight, mass transit and commuter rail
  • Seaport development

Consultation and community

ARCADIS serves communities by providing local and regional traffic plans, interstate highway and bridge rehabilitation, mass transit options, connector bridges, complex tunnels, and much more. We perform public involvement sessions, historic preservation and aesthetic design reviews, conflict management, environmental assessments and other activities to ensure that transportation investments become long-term assets.

Sustainable mobility options

ARCADIS understands that local, regional and federal systems must work together to complement and enhance mobility. That's why we combine solid engineering principles with innovative, practical solutions, such as:

  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • HOV lanes and toll roads
  • Park-and-ride facilities
  • Flexible bus and train station design
  • Intermodal facilities
  • Planning for pedestrian and bicycle traffic

ARCADIS can also assist with procurement, lifecycle costing, asset management, quality assurance, and operations and maintenance. As residents of the communities that we serve, we are vested in the success of your project—for our families and yours.