APTA opposes restrictive eligibility for COVID-19 transit research grants

Association opposes funding eligibility restrictions for communities deemed “anarchist jurisdictions”

October 14, 2020
transit funding eligibility

The American Public Transportation Association today announced its strong opposition to the inclusion of  restrictive project eligibility criteria in the federal grant opportunity for COVID-19 research funding for public transportation systems.

On Oct. 8, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) issued a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to provide federal funding for COVID-19 research demonstration grants. 

APTA says it takes issue with the NOFO stating that FTA will review and consider applications in accordance with the September 2, 2020 memorandum issued by the White House that restricts the eligibility for federal funds based on the administration’s decision that certain communities are “anarchist jurisdictions”. APTA says the administration has determined that New York City; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington are “anarchist jurisdictions”.

“These funds are critical for transit systems as they undertake extraordinary efforts to safeguard riders and employees, while facing unprecedented budgetary woes,” Paul P. Skoutelas, APTA President and CEO, said in a statement. “It is inappropriate and unjustified that criteria would be considered to prohibit certain public transit systems from receiving critical funds to support their efforts to respond to COVID-19. Just as public transit systems provide equal access to all residents, federal grants should be available to all public transit providers.”

APTA provided a fact sheet on the NOFO and presidential memorandum.



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