April 2002

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April 2002

TEA-3 is almost here, but is the industry planning to make the right bet?

April 2002

Gene Figg’s artistic bridges will have to stand for him now

Asphalt April 2002

State’s paving remains highly competitive; asphalt side wins second Sheldon G. Hayes Award in four years

April 2002

Mary Peters uses her experience in the Southwest to sharpen FHWA

Infrastructure Security April 2002

Machine control technology taking over grading

Asphalt April 2002

All facets of the industry come together to meet tight deadline of I-25

Bridges April 2002

Crew scans 24 T-REX bridges in 40 days

Concrete Roads April 2002

Contractor combines retrofit and overlay to take time and cost off project

Safety April 2002

ROADS & BRIDGES looks at products introduced at Traffic Expo 2002

Overlay Init