AP/M Permaform

P.O. Box 555

Johnston, IA 50131

800.662.6465 / 515.276.1274


Celebrating 40 years of engineered solutions, AP/M Permaform offers cost-effective repair and trenchless replacement of badly deteriorated manholes, pipe and similar underground structures. Our Permaform system enables complete replacement of old manholes and wet wells without digging or disrupting flows. For rehabilitation of existing manholes, Permacast—our engineered cementitious liner—is centrifugally cast from our patented robotic applicator. A dense and uniform liner is applied at the best thickness (1/2 in. to 2 in.) for the condition, depth, traffic loading and ground water pressure of the existing structure. CentriPipe is an engineered solution for underground infrastructure rehabilitation using our patented bidirectional spin caster to centrifugally compact a precision liner at the best design thickness for the size, shape and conditions of deteriorated pipe. It inhibits rust, waterproofs and seals, is highly resistant to abrasion and structurally reinforces and protects round, arched and elliptical pipe. Our formulations are high-strength, quick-setting and corrosion-resistant. For chemical corrosion, Cor+Gard 100% solids epoxy is applied as a protective top coat. In all cases, our materials are applied safely through our patented bidirectional spin caster from on top, without entry. Let us know how we can assist with your next trenchless rehabilitation project.