American Concrete Pipe Association president retires, new president announced

News American Concrete Pipe Association September 09, 2005
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Matt Childs, PE, has been announced, by ACPA Chairman Ron Metzger, as the new ACPA president, effective August 8. Matt has served the association over the last five years, most recently as Director of Engineering Services. As Director of Engineering Services, he completed programs for various ACPA committees by serving as a staff liaison to the Technical, Manufacturing/Quality and Government Relations Committees. He has been involved in helping to develop marketing material for the Association, and in planning many ACPA training courses.

Matt holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Baylor University as well as Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas in Arlington.

Matt is a member of American Society of Civil Engineers, Transportation Research Board and Board of Advisors for University of Texas Arlington Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Honor Society. Married for 10 years, he and his wife Nancy have two children, Sarah and Ben.

Former American Concrete Pipe Association’s president, John Duffy, is retiring effective September 21st. John has served longer than any other concrete pipe industry state or provincial executive in North America, who joined the ACPA in 1974. John served various roles in the ACPA before becoming president, including Deputy Director of Technical Services, and Vice President of Marketing in the 1980’s when the Association’s marketing efforts were launched. John will be returning to Virginia where most of his family lives.

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