Allplan Bridge: a Complete BIM Solution for Bridges

All plans derived directly from the model.
All plans derived directly from the model.

A BIM solution for bridges must include a reliable and consistent data exchange among team members, an efficient design processes using parametric and code-based design, and critical features such as collision detection, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Reinforcement should be easily modeled and visualized, and repetitive design tasks automated. The final BIM model should then be used for conceptual design, detailed design, structural analysis, code-based design, and visualization.

Of course, these BIM capabilities are table-stakes for a professional BIM for bridges solution. What sets Allplan apart is that this solution has been built by bridge engineers, with BIM in mind:  

Plan production

  • Changes to the bridge model are updated across the entire project, including: plans, reports, reinforcement quantities and bar bending schedules – removing the need for manual updates to individual drawings.
  • Updates to either the 2D plans or the 3D model cause changes to be reflected everywhere automatically
  • 2D plan production can be templatized and customized to match your standards, and those of the DOT


  • Multiple users can users can work in different aspects of the BIM model, simultaneously and from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple models can be managed and organized in a single project in an OpenBIM environment
  • One single source of truth in a common bridge model, rather than two separate ones for structural analysis and detailing
  • OpenBIM platform ensures that information can be exchanged among all parties in a manufacturer-neutral way without losing any data, using an IFC data export


Allplan Bridge version 2021 is set to be released in October 2020, sign up for this live webinar Sept 10 at 10 am, for a sneak peek of Allplan Bridge 2021.


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