Ala. revives Outer Loop project

AlDOT wins FHWA approval to combine Outer Loop and I-85 extension

News Montgomery Advertiser February 24, 2011
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The Alabama Department of Transportation (AlDOT) will resume construction of the Montgomery Outer Loop this year, the Montgomery Advertiser reported. The progress was made possible by an agreement by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to allow AlDOT to combine construction of the Outer Loop with construction of an I-85 extension into a single project. The agreement means the $100 million already approved for the I-85 extension now can be used on the Outer Loop.

AlDOT plants to begin accepted bids on May 27 for the first of several components of the Outer Loop project, which includes a large interchange and a 3-mile segment of the limited-access highway.

AlDOT has already spent $55 million to do an environmental assessment, land acquisition and a small amount of excavation for the Outer Loop.

The agreement culminates a two-year effort by AlDOT to win FHWA approval to combine the two projects.

AlDOT plans to extend I-85 west to connect to I-20 and I-59 in Cuba, Ala.

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