County and Townships Team up to Save Money!

Nov. 28, 2023
Becker County, Minnesota and Townships in the county work together for better end result.

Where It Began

Team Laboratory Chemical Company has been providing their BASE ONE base stabilizer to clients for over 20 years with an estimated 14,425 lane miles stabilized. BASE ONE is a liquid concentrate that is added to the water used to bring the base material to optimum moisture content for compaction during the construction process. BASE ONE helps increase the strength, stability and durability of aggregate and reclaimed base material. The stabilizer is used in Full Depth Reclamation projects, New Construction and Re-Construction, in the base material of Thin Surface Overlays and Gravel Road base and surface stabilization.  

Becker County Minnesota county engineer Jim Olson, along with his construction manager Brian Shepard have years of experience using BASE ONE in their Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation (SFDR) projects, Re-Construction, and stabilizing gravel roads.

John Okeson with Okeson Consulting has a long history of using the BASE ONE stabilizer completing his first project in 2004. John works with multiple townships advising and overseeing their road building needs.

Strength in Numbers

Becker Co was preparing a bid for their 2023 Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation projects. The bid required the use of a reclaiming machine to reclaim the road surface and a portion of the base material and then inject the BASE ONE stabilizer to the depth specified in the plans. The bid also required a new asphalt surface.

Okeson Consulting was preparing bids for multiple township roads located in Becker County, MN. The township projects required the same reclaiming machine to inject the BASE ONE stabilizer into the newly added crushed concrete base material. All three township projects were to receive a new asphalt surface. 


Instead of each party preparing bids for each individual project, the county officials and the consultant collaborated and included all the projects under the county bid. As they say there is strength in numbers.

If the projects were to be bid individually the reclaiming and injecting, the material costs and construction costs would typically be much higher.

By working together as a team and bidding the county and townships as one larger project they received better pricing on the material, construction and equipment mobility costs with an overall saving of an estimated 25 percent on the total cost of the project.

The efforts of working together using the BASE ONE stabilizer along with the proper materials and design, the citizens of the county and townships were provided upgraded roadways that will serve them for many years to come.

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