AASHTO releases report on combatting congestion

Report summarizes 2007 National Congestion Summits

News AASHTO October 25, 2007
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AASHTO has released a new report entitled Combatting Congestion through Leadership, Innovation, and Resources. This report is a summary of the 2007 National Congestion Summits, which brought together federal, state and local transportation experts to identify and share practices to ease delays occurring on the nation's transportation system. The report outlines strategies that state transportation agencies are implementing to reduce congestion and enhance mobility on our highways. Some of the many innovative approaches discussed include the role of pricing, integrated corridor operations, multimodal transportation corridor investments and access and incident management.

The report can be downloaded from the AASHTO website at www.transportation.org. It is also available to all AASHTO E-Affiliates in the Free Publications section of their E-Affiliate accounts. You can register for your free E-Affiliate account at the AASHTO online bookstore by going to https://bookstore.transportation.org/.

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