2012 Top 10 Bridges: No. 10

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LOCATION: Tucson, Ariz.
COST: $4.5 million
LENGTH: 310 ft
DESIGNERS: Structural Grace Inc.
CONTRACTOR: Ashton Contractors & Engineers
OWNER: City of Tucson

People have inhabited Tucson’s west side for 5,000 years, but you still have to give them reason to stay. This bridge accomplishes the feat, as it is the ?rst multimodal public works project in the state. Pier shafts are the longest ever built for an AASHTO girder bridge in Arizona, and the deck features 6-in.-deep rail block-outs and a 3-in.-deep block-out down the centerline for a brick paver median. The abutments and end pylons for the balusters are veneered in volcanic rock.


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