Nearly 90% of transit ballot initiatives in the U.S. pass this year

Nov. 9, 2017

Seven out of eight transit initiatives have passed so far just from the Nov. 7 election

Nearly 90% of all public transportation initiatives were approved by voters across the United States this year. In the Nov. 7th election, seven of eight initiatives passed with one result still to be determined. Throughout the country this year, voters in 17 states and communities of all sizes voted for increased investment in public transportation, bringing the success rate to nearly 90% (87.5%). 

The results of ballot initiatives in 2017 is a part of a long track record of success. In both up and down economic years, voters have continually shown a strong interest in providing resources to create public transportation options in their communities.

Wins from the elections on Tuesday included Denver, Colo., voters passing a transportation bond ($100 million for transit) with nearly 73% of the vote; Athens-Clarke County, Ga., voters passing a new sales tax for transportation with nearly 74% of the vote; Lawrence, Kan., voters passing a sales tax for operating a transit system with almost 70% of the vote; and Grand Rapids, Mich., voters passing a 12-year renewal of their millage with 61% of the vote.

Additionally, voters statewide in Maine approved a transportation bond with 72% of the vote; Mahoning County, Ohio, voters renewed the sales tax for their transit system with nearly 60% approving; and Philadelphia, Pa., voters passed a capital projects bond that includes public transit.

The one outstanding initiative from the Nov. 7 election is in Adams County, Colo.


Source: American Public Transportation Association (APTA)