TRANSIT: Traffic engineering tech startups may solve traffic woes

Miovision is one of many traffic detection apps that are part of a larger traffic engineering trend aiming to solve traffic congestion without building more roadways

Transit News February 25, 2015
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Miovision, a Canadian tech startup provides automated traffic data that seeks to decongest jam-packed roadways in major metro areas. After raising $30 million in financing, the startup is looking to expand beyond just car-counting and into a go-to traffic management system for commonly-named “smart cities”.


The startup wants to move past supplying and analyzing traffic data released roughly once a year.  Instead, the company is gradually introducing new technologies that will connect switchboards at each intersection to a cloud system that will allow streetlights to communicate with each other and respond to traffic data, all in real time.


Changes to public infrastructure spaces remain largely a closed system available mostly to federal organizations. It is unclear just how much impact traffic engineering startups such as Movision will have on modernizing roadways. 

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TRANSIT: Traffic engineering tech startups may solve traffic woes | Roads & Bridges


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