The Tensar Corp. to acquire Tensar Group Ltd.

News Tensar Earth Technologies Inc. May 31, 2006
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The Tensar Corp., developer and manufacturer of technology-driven site solutions, has signed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Tensar Group Ltd. (TGL), parent company of Tensar International Ltd. Founded in Blackburn, England in 1952, Tensar International (formerly Netlon Ltd.) is the inventor of the integral geogrid. Tensar Geogrids are now widely used in soil stabilization, earth retention and foundation support applications.

"The acquisition of TGL will enable us to become the global leader for innovative, cost-effective solutions in the site development market," said Phil Egan, president and CEO of The Tensar Corp. "Our combined strengths will provide unprecedented opportunities to cross-market our respective products, enhance both our technology development and production capabilities and coordinate sales activities worldwide."

"This move brings all of Tensar's proprietary technologies, manufacturing capabilities and distribution networks under one roof," added Bob Vevoda, president of Tensar Earth Technologies. "With our customer base becoming more global, we will now be able to service them seamlessly, no matter where their projects may be located."

The impact is indeed global. Tensar International serves commercial, industrial and transportation customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. The company maintains regional offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, China and the United Arab Emirates; distributor support offices in France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia; and a worldwide network of more than 80 select distributors. Manufacturing facilities are located in Blackburn and in Wuhan, China. The company's success complements The Tensar Corp.'s efforts in North and South America, resulting in combined business activities in 85 countries across the globe.

The Tensar Corp.'s acquisition of Tensar Group Ltd. is expected to be completed in June.

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