TEA-21 reauthorization creeps toward Senate floor

News Associated General Contractors of America April 14, 2005
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The Senate TEA-21 reauthorization bill--S

The Senate TEA-21 reauthorization bill--S. 732--took another step towards the Senate floor on Thursday when the Commerce Committee approved the safety title of the bill. Approved by a unanimous consent, the measure addresses a number of highway safety issues including seat-belt use, vehicle rollover rules, impaired driving, hazardous material shipment and others. The measure also reauthorizes the truck safety programs administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration doubling the funds available for enforcement of motor carrier safety rules and regulations. This title of the bill will be merged with the overall reauthorization bill on the Senate floor.

The last remaining step before floor consideration of the bill is for the Senate Finance Committee to report the revenue title. The committee, tentatively scheduled to markup its title on April 19, is expected to include funding at the $284 billion level. However, an amendment is expected to be offered on the Senate floor to increase that funding.

Currently, Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has not included the bill on the list of bills that will be considered. Transportation industry allies have been flooding Senate offices asking that they insist that the bill be scheduled for consideration before the end of April so a final measure can be in place before the highway and transit programs expire on May 31. To send a letter or e-mail to your senator, go to www.agc.org/lac and send a "Get It Done" letter.

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