NYC Council Passes Bills to Support Senior Pedestrian Safety

April 28, 2023
The rise of traffic fatalities is spreading across the nation

On Thursday, New York City council members passed bills to install traffic calming devices in parts of the five boroughs where there is a large population of seniors.

“Behind every crash is a family and a community impacted by this violence,” Speaker Adrienne Adams said before voting on the measures. “It’s important that the Council advance equitable policies like the legislation we’re voting on today to ensure that all New Yorkers can live, work and commute on safer streets.”

The rise of traffic fatalities is spreading across the nation, and New York City is no different, with 67 fatalities this year alone according to the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT). Last year at the same time, NYCDOT reported 63 fatalities.

The first measure will require NYCDOT to submit its study on traffic violence incidents every four years instead of every five years. It’s also now required to disseminate that study, as well as another report on serious crashes done every three months, to community boards and the Council.

“The legislation would increase transparency, aid collaboration and help prevent traffic violence,” said Jumaane Williams, the city's public advocate and the bill's sponsor. “It's important to be clear that these bills represent a foundation. Definitely not a finish line.”

Under the bill, NYCDOT will now be tasked with installing traffic calming devices such as speed bumps and signs to slow cars that enter areas with a high concentration of older New Yorkers.


Source: The Gothamist