Taking traffic safety to the next level

Dec. 28, 2000
On the right TRACC On the right TRACC The Trinity Attenuating Crash Cushion (TRACC) is the newest addition to Trinity Industries Inc.’s Life-Saving Highway Safety Systems. This crash cushion is easy to install and inspect in the field.
On the right TRACC

On the right TRACC

The Trinity Attenuating Crash Cushion (TRACC) is the newest addition to Trinity Industries Inc.’s Life-Saving Highway Safety Systems. This crash cushion is easy to install and inspect in the field. The unit’s compact size, 21 ft x 2 ft, 7 in., allows it to be used in restricted areas where space and top-level safety is an issue.

The unit has been tested and approved at NCHRP 350, Test Level 3, ships completely assembled and can be installed on new or existing concrete or on an asphalt pad. It is easily moveable for use in work zones and is fabricated using galvanized steel components.

The TRACC also has an open design, allowing easy field inspection. Only a visual inspection for annual maintenance is needed.


Message detector/light tower

When visibility, energy efficiency and ease of programming are major factors at a jobsite, Wanco Message Detectors may be the choice. Optical lenses and sunshades enhance the unit’s visibility to 1,000 ft in full sunlight or at night, while a menu driven program eases the process of programming for field personnel.

Also from Wanco is their CR5 Portable Light Tower, which was designed for easy set up and operation while proving excellent performance. Compact for reduced yard storage, the CR5 has a telescoping tower that reaches 30 ft. Units come equipped with a quiet-run, liquid-cooled generator set at 1,800 RPM. They also have a four-point leveling outrigger system and come equipped with Isuzu, Kubota or Lombardi engines.


Understanding traffic control

Preparing a traffic diagram that needs no explanation is easy using Traffic Graphics, a system from Professional Traffic Graphics. According to the company, the software allows users to create plans from scratch or use a wide range of existing information.

The pre-drawn roads are able to form intersections turn pockets and on/off ramps, and users can even put bends in the road.

Users can choose from over 20,000 vector images to add signs and devices to plans and place them where they are needed by simply dragging and dropping the images.

The final plan is easy to read and anyone involved can understand the traffic control concept being presented, whether they are the engineer, supervisors, flaggers or the sign crew.


A real square

Since the introduction of NEX sign posts from S-Squared Tube Products, cities from around the country are recognizing the benefits of this sign support system.

The patented NEX system is easy to install and is designed to telescope inside existing square anchors using a wedge to lock the post in place.

Available in 1 3/4 and 2 in. in both 12 and 14 gauge, the posts have been crash tested and meet FHWA NCHRP 350 standards.


Barricade system

The Davidson Plastics T3B Plastic Type III Barricade System sets new standards of safety and convenience for traffic control lane closures. Its durable, modular construction means the T3B System sets up in seconds and needs less maintenance than other designs. This reduces workers exposure to traffic, greatly improving work-zone safety.

It was successfully tested to NCHRP 350 standards for a Category 2, Type III barricade in January 2000.

Key features and benefits of the T3B System include safety, superior visibility, durability and ease of use.

Designed for a safe stop

In their continuing efforts to improve and modify highway products for safety and usability, Trinity Industries Inc. announced the latest upgrade to the ET-2000 Guardrail End Treatment, the ET-Plus.

The unit safely absorbs the energy of an errant vehicle that has left the roadway and brings the vehicle to a controlled stop by extruding, or changing the shape, of the W-beam guardrail to a flatter piece.

It has the added feature of being lighter so that it is safer for drivers and passengers of smaller cars and is easier for installers and maintenance personnel to handle. Also, it is narrower to minimize hits along the roadside and taller to address future side-impact criteria.

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