ROADS/BRIDGES: TxDOT chief steps down at year’s end

The reorganization of TxDOT continues with retirement of Executive Director Joe Weber

October 07, 2015

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Executive Director Joe Weber is stepping down at the end of 2015, after heading the agency for 18 months.

Weber’s retirement comes after the August retirement of Deputy Executive Director John Barton. It also follows the February appointment of a new chairman, Tryon Lewis, to the Texas Transportation Commission, TxDOT’s governing board.

In addition to Weber’s retirement, TxDOT is set to receive a large sum of funding dollars after a constitutional amendment was passed that dedicated more than $1 billion in oil and gas tax revenue to roads. Proposition 7 could serve as a potential source for $3 billion in sales tax revenue.

Weber was selected for the position in April 2014, after former Gov. Rick Perry lobbied for his appointment, a move that was highly criticized because of Weber’s non-transportation background and his personal connection to Perry as a former Texas A&M graduate.