ROADS/BRIDGES: Intermat Innovation Awards celebrate progress

In categories ranging from equipment to the environment, winners “contribute to the progress of the construction and materials industries”

News January 30, 2015
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On Jan. 22, under the chairmanship of the FNTP, the international Intermat Innovation Awards were bestowed in Paris, France. Rewarding innovative accomplishment in machinery, techniques, services and products that contribute to the progress of the construction and construction materials industries, award winners were determined by a panel of 11 European industry research experts.
The winners, by category, are as follows:
Construction Equipment – GOLD AWARD: Wacker Neuson Group, for its Mini-excavator 803 dual power, fitted with an optional dual power solution, which is placed in its undercarriage. The excavator can be operated in two modes: diesel or electric. For emission-free applications, the external electro-hydraulic power unit HPU8 is connected to the excavator. Due to the generator, the excavator is operated electrically and emission-free. The operating weight, stability and dimensions as well as the performance of the excavator do not change with the option.
Equipment & Components – GOLD AWARD: Liebherr France SAS, for its crane operator lift, which was made to comply with the recommendation R459, and respect the EN 81-43-2009 and highest safety with Performance Level D (EN 13849) regulation, and more specifically to overcome the ergonomic work access issue of the crane operator. This unit was designed to be used inside the tower section (up to a tower section 2.30 x 2.30). Due to this, there is no need to dismantle and erect the lift during the crane dismounting.
Engineering & Systems – GOLD AWARD: Merlo S.p.A. for its M TSS Transversal Stability System, a dedicated electric control unit that reads all machine-mounted sensors and provides information on the vehicle's stability in any direction to the operator, by means of a cab-mounted display. The system processes all operational stability parameters of the Merlo telehandler on an ongoing basis and intervenes, depending on the type of issue detected, by either warning the operator or blocking any movement that would compromise the vehicle's stability.
Engineering & Systems – ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD: MS, for its water treatment plant for the elimination of Chromium VI and Total Chromium, an innovative and single method of treatment of Chromium VI and Total Chromium in water from concrete batching plants and applicable to the field of tanneries surface treatment. This simple new industry solution, fitted into a skid, is implemented with a re-agent dosing without any environmental or health risk. This innovation is based on a collective consciousness and awareness of the public health issue.
Digital Applications – GOLD AWARD: Atlog for its LAND2MAP software, which allows the user to perform topographical surveys, boundary marking, as-built drawing, geo-localized network detection and all manner of setting-out needed for road or construction projects. This wide range of features offered by LAND2MAP is made possible through a single user interface for all instruments.
Digital Applications – WORLD OF CONCRETE EUROPE AWARD: Tekla for its Structure Construction Modeling software, which is adapted for concrete contractors. This software allows the design, estimation, management and planning of all types of projects from a single 3-D BIM model. Tekla software serves the three phases of the concrete construction: modeling, planning and pouring.
Engineering & Systems – JUDGES’ SPECIAL AWARD: Bridgend Extrusion Ltd., for its K-Form Concrete Formwork System, which offers a revolutionary and innovative shuttering product that saves the building contractor time and money with less labor. The K-Form plastic shuttering system made from 100% recycled PVC is a lightweight, cast-in-place screed rail strong enough to handle all types of mechanical screeds as well as providing control, construction and isolation joints. Straight quality joints can be achieved every time, while being versatile for all types of concrete forms.
Silver Award winners, other nominees and participants can be found at the Intermat website.

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