ROADS/BRIDGES: AGC calls for increased work-zone safety measures

The results of a new highway work zone study pointed to increased safety measures. 

Safety News June 29, 2015
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Forty-six percent of highway contractors reported motor vehicle crashes in their construction work zones during the past year, according to a highway work zone study by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).
The results of the study also urge drivers to take extra precautions as summer travel increases.
AGC officials said that 69% of contractors nationwide feel that tougher laws, fines and legal penalties for moving violations in work zones would reduce injuries and fatalities.
In addition, 80% of contractors said that an increased use of concrete barriers will help reduce injuries and fatalities. And 70% of contractors nationwide agree that more frequent safety training for workers could help. 
The work zone safety study was based on a nationwide survey of highway construction firms the association conducted in March and April of this year. More than 800 contractors completed the survey nationwide.
Work zone crashes also have a significant impact on construction schedules and costs.
Twenty-six percent of contractors reported that work zone crashes during the past year have forced them to temporarily shut down construction activity. Those delays were often lengthy, as 48% of those project shutdowns lasted two or more days.

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