ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Parking deal stands in way of needed Cincy interchange project

City will use up-front money from lease to provide funding match for the Uptown work

News Cincinnati Enquirer July 23, 2013
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A parking deal could determine if a Cincinnati interchange project has a space to call its own on the city’s road construction list.


Ohio Gov. John Kasich said the new Uptown interchange would receive funds from his transportation plan, which calls for the state to bond against Ohio Turnpike toll revenue. The move would generate $3 billion, and Kasich is identifying projects he would like to see receive the added revenue. However, the I-71/Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Cincinnati requires a local funding match, and city transportation director Michael Moore said plans are to use $20 million of the $92 million upfront payment from a parking lease deal that is awaiting final approval from the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority.


Ohio’s Transportation Review Advisory Council will be the one deciding on which projects will receive the go-ahead from the $3 billion boost, but prospects look good for Uptown, as well as three other road projects in Cincinnati.


Business leaders and associations have been pushing for work on the Uptown interchange for years. Currently there is no direct access from I-71 to Uptown.

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