Recent survey finds motorists willing to pay way out of congestion

AAA survey concludes more motorists willing to pay tolls and taxes over sitting in congestion

News AASHTO Journal January 08, 2007
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A recent survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA) concludes that motorists are willing to pay their way out of congestion by forking over tolls, in addition to gasoline taxes, as a way make more room on the road, the Times-Union of Jacksonville, Fla., reported.

A nationwide poll of motorists by AAA concludes drivers are willing to spend more on transportation if the money is wisely spent. A total of 64% of motorists say that traffic is more congested in the past three years.

AAA also concluded that congestion has spurred more motorist support for increasing transportation funding, but those surveyed called for those funds to be managed well.

The most popular choice for new funding was tolls, but only on new roads and additional highway lanes. For instance, an additional lane set aside for mass transit, carpooling and vehicles would require tolls, leaving free lanes as an option.

Other sources of funding were not as popular with motorists in the poll, such as sales taxes, gas tax or property taxes, the Times-Union reported.

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