Possibility of federal gas-tax increase still on the table

Group of politicians, called the “Gang of Six,” staying tight-lipped about deal, but confident measure is still alive

April 29, 2011

Apparently the chance of raising the federal gas tax is not dead. Or perhaps it’s rising from the dead—again.

Backed by a group of politicians that are being called the “Gang of Six” there is hope that a debt-reduction plan could be put up to a vote in Congress soon. The proposal calls for a 15-cent increase in the federal gas tax, but the Gang of Six is working hard not to get a single word out about it—yet.

“We’ve tried to keep it quiet until we get a deal,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the co-leader of the gang, told constituents on April 21.

According to a Bloomberg News report, Janet Kavinoky, director of transportation and infrastructure at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, also believes a deficit-reduction strategy is still on the table, but also says she would be surprised if anyone on Capitol Hill would endorse a gas-tax hike.