Parsons Brinkerhoff providing CE&I services for Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

News Parsons Brinkerhoff July 01, 2005
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The New York State Department of Transportation has awarded a contract to Parsons Brinkerhoff (PB) for construction engineering and inspection (CE&I) services for the reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) from 61st Street to Broadway in Woodside, New York (Queens County).

The $123.5 million project is the second phase of a program to comprehensively revitalize, rehabilitate and enhance the BQE, one of the busiest and most important highway links in metropolitan New York. PB also provided CE&I services for the first phase of the program, a $255 million project to reconstruct the highway between Broadway and 25th Avenue in Woodside, which will be completed in June 2005.

The current project encompasses bridge reconstruction, replacement and rehabilitation, highway realignment, retaining walls, ramps, noise walls, new drainage, resurfacing and landscaping. As CE&I consultant, PB is responsible for contract administration, construction inspection and reporting on the contractor’s activities. PB will undertake measurements and data collection, perform on-site field testing of materials, maintain complete project records to process pay estimates and prepare record plans showing all changes from contract plans. In addition, PB will participate in the community relations activities.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by mid-2008.

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