Illinois governor announces multi-year construction plan

News State of Illinois April 23, 2004
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Illinois Gov

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich announced on Thursday (April 22) the state's highway improvement program for FY 2005 to 2011. The $8.3 billion multi-year program focuses on preserving and modernizing existing roads, as well as reducing congestion. Blagojevich's job-creating plan, called Opportunity Returns, will mean at least an additional $1 billion in highway improvements during the multi-year program.

"We have been conservative with our estimates in putting together this multi-year program," said Blagojevich. "I wanted a realistic look at what we can expect, even with the uncertainty we face with our federal funding."

The multi-year plan will allow the Illinois Department of Transportation to improve more than 2,180 miles of roads and replace and rehabilitate more than 620 bridges. The program also will support almost 200,000 jobs during the life of the program.

Separate from the multi-year plan is Opportunity Returns, an innovative recovery plan that calls for more than $1 billion in road improvements over the next three years. To create new, much-needed jobs, Blagojevich is accelerating $200 million from Opportunity Returns to be used this summer for system preservation and maintenance projects. IDOT estimates the $200 million accelerated investment will generate 4,800 jobs in FY 2005.

The $8.3 billion multi-year program includes $3.2 billion in state funds, $4.8 billion in federal funds and $322 million in local funding. The federal portion of the program is based on funding estimates that assume the current level of federal funding.

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