INFRA Funding Infrastructure

Oct. 7, 2022
The way to the future is paved with funding

The Infrastructure for Rebuilding America program (INFRA) awards millions of dollars to projects that support the Biden Administration’s focus on infrastructure improvements. The purpose of INFRA is to improve the lives of millions of Americans through infrastructure projects. This is our third and final examination of the projects INFRA is helping to fund. If you want to catch up on our previous INFRA stories, click here.   

INFRA Funding

  • The Newport Pell Bridge Rehabilitation Project: This urban project in Rhode Island was awarded approximately $85.5 million. The project aims to rehabilitate the Newport Pell Bridge. Components include a partial-depth reconstruction of the bridge deck and the west approach spans, installation of a dehumidification system to the main cables and anchorages, and repairs to the tower elevators. The project will fix the deterioration of a bridge that is a designated Critical Urban Freight Corridor that connects mainland Rhode Island to Newport.
  • I-40 Truck Parking and Bridges Replacement: This rural project in Tennessee was awarded $22.6 million. This project will upgrade welcome center ramps to meet current standards, add roughly 125 truck parking spaces, and upgrade the adjacent bridge structures on I-40 over the Caney Fork River.
  • Anzalduas Bridge Expansion Project: This rural project in Texas was awarded $25 million. The project will construct both commercial inspection facilities at the Anzaldúas Land Port of Entry, including inspection booths, inspection docks, equipment, roadway, parking, and sidewalks. This project will upgrade the bridge while making improvements to the southbound inspection facilities and construct northbound facilities.
  • Salmon Bay Bridge Rehabilitation Project: This urban project in Washington was awarded $25 million. This project aims to rehabilitate the moveable span of the Salmon Bay Bridge by replacing the counterweight, the counterweight truss, six of the eight bearings, and the counterweight links with steel members with a high resistance fatigue. This project will extend the life of the bridge’s moveable span by 50 years, while addressing design flaws that have caused stress on the structure of the bridge.
  • I-39/90/94 Wisconsin River Bridges Project: This rural project in Wisconsin was awarded $80 million. The project seeks to replace the existing I-39/90/94 Wisconsin River Bridge with two new bridge spans dedicated to serve traffic in opposite directions. The bridge replacement addresses the declining state of the bridges, which if put on the back burner, could have frequent and lengthy closures for repairs and negative impacts on supply chains in the future. 
  • PR-2 Improvement Project: This rural project in Puerto Rico was awarded $90 million. The project will improve a 1.4-mile segment along PR-2 (the highway that connects San Juan and Ponce) including the elimination of traffic lights in six intersections, the elimination of direct access, and the construction of side streets for local transit, pedestrians, and cyclists. This project reconfigures the roadway and intersections to minimize conflict points and protect transit users, pedestrians, and cyclists by separating them from the highway.

Funding for INFRA will launch infrastructure projects across the nation. Each project will be useful for millions of Americans, upgrading our infrastructure to ensure the efficiency for years to come. Stay tuned for next week, when we dive deeper into the IIJA.


Source: USDOT

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