Connected Radar Trailer

Dec. 14, 2020

Hill & Smith Inc. is proud to announce the newly unveiled Connected Radar Trailer as part of its Smart Work Zone extensive product line. The Connected Radar Trailer is a portable speed detection system that collects real time traffic speed information and relays it with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) software. The radar is battery powered and autonomously charged by an onboard solar charge system. With 360° rotatable mast, the radar’s versatile and affordable design allows adjustments to the head elevation angle for optimal radar sensor alignment. The radar views one direction of travel with a range of 1,000’ and captures the vehicle with the strongest signal, typically the fastest moving vehicle. With the radar head set up facing downstream traffic, it returns the captured speed and volume to the ITS Software via cellular communications. The small footprint trailer allows for nonintrusive deployment throughout work zones can be used by itself or in conjunction with other Smart Work Zone devices. When multi-lane detection isn’t required, this cost-effective radar trailer is the perfect alternative to our widely used Queue Detection Trailer.

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