Jan. 1, 2001
Portable CAD software

Portable CAD software

PocketCAD PRO, the only fully functional CAD software developed for the growing number of Pocket PC users, has been released by Arc Second Inc., Dulles, Va.

Portable CAD software

Portable CAD software

PocketCAD PRO, the only fully functional CAD software developed for the growing number of Pocket PC users, has been released by Arc Second Inc., Dulles, Va. The software enables industry professionals to create, view and edit CAD files directly using any Windows CE2.11 or higher-powered mobile device including Pocket PCs, Palmsize PCs, handheld PCs and tablet devices.

Powered with Autodesk technology, PocketCAD Pro offers a comprehensive feature set that makes data creation, viewing, drawing, redlining and modification simple, easy and effective.

It is available for download at for $199.

Software online

Software-related products from Eagle Point Software, Dubuque, Iowa, can now

be purchased at the company’s online site located at

Products available at the store include all of the company’s Structural software, technical support options, computer-based training and documentation. The online store includes the "Top 10 Most Popular Products," "What’s new at the Online Store" and a "Specials" section that allows users to find what they are looking for.

Work-zone safety aide

National Intelligent Traffic Systems, Kalamazoo, Mich., has launched its new Intelligent Work Zone software. This traffic and work area management program is designed specifically for construction work zones. It allows DOT traffic control centers and road construction centers the ability to quickly and easily create maps and control and verify roadside devices in real-time.

It also allows users to see what is happening in real-time by featuring on-screen display. The easy point-and-click interface gives the user the ability to custom design road and highway maps and place devices, or the user can import actual scanned roadmaps. The standard and customizable "what if" statements allow the user to control how the software responds in a given situation.

Additionally, the software features real-time logging, six levels of security and true layout display of signs and device locations.

Message sign upgrade

ADDCO Inc., St. Paul, Minn., currently offers its upgraded BRICKBuilder software, which enables customers and other stakeholders to design and configure BRICK modular message signs to meet their requirements. Available at, the software gives users the ability to determine the number of BRICK display modules needed for their particular application, desired messages and font selection. It also provides related information regarding power, weight, components, size and specification for the particular application.

Features in the software include a photo gallery of sample sign applications; sample graphics library; recommendations for power requirements, including solar power calculations; the ability to design and configure large signs of up to 60 BRICKs; comprehensive lists of sign components and options available for all applications; and improved font, editing and printing options.

B-to-B bids online

The MaxView Corp., Seattle, Wash., has unveiled a business-to-business online construction bidding service known as MaxPlan Online Service. With the launch of MaxPlans, the first business-to-business website incorporating an end-to-end solution for electronic capture, organization, publishing and distribution of Electronic Bid Sets is available on a national level.

The site offers free registration and login, where contractors, suppliers and subcontractors can immediately search for projects by geographical region, CSI code or bid date. A review of the Bid Synopsis assists contractors in determining suitable projects to bid. More information on the software can be found at

Road design program

Civil Design Computer Based Training is a new program that has been released by Eagle Point Software. It contains over 40 lessons demonstrating the use of commands in several of the modules in the Civil/Survey 2000 series including RoadCalc, Surface Modeling, Profiles, Site Design and Quantity Takeoff.

Lessons take the user through the process of designing a road within a subdivision. The boundary and topography information surrounding the design corridor is already gathered and processed for the project. CBT takes the user through the design from designing a new road with sidewalks, tying the new road to an existing intersection, computing earthwork and pavement quantities and verifying the accuracy of the materials, to preparing design sheets and roadway construction plan and profile sheets.

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