HNTB Corp. to serve as corridor project management consultant

News July 17, 2003
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HNTB Corp. has been selected by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to serve as the corridor project management consultant (CPMC) for the I-465 West Leg reconstruction project in Indianapolis. The project will add approximately 30 lane miles on I-465, which is considered the "Main Street" of Indy's west side.

Since its opening in 1960, commercial and residential development has greatly increased along the interstate, causing major congestion problems. The highway also serves as a major connection to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis International Airport and Federal Express' cargo hub, carrying more than 150,000 vehicles a day. Overall, the completed project will improve mobility, safety and efficiency--ultimately reducing congestion by enhancing traffic-carrying capacity, improving access, updating bridge and other geometric design elements and reconstructing the pavement.

"INDOT's investment in this corridor is for the long term," said Mark Urban, project manager and officer-in-charge of HNTB-Indianapolis. "INDOT will be utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and recent advances in bridge and pavement construction and traffic monitoring to improve overall quality and extend the service life of this highway for the purpose of improving safety and reducing user delay."

The I-465 project, the largest capital improvement project in Indianapolis, represents the first time INDOT has chosen to utilize the CPMC role on a large-scale project. The CPMC alternative allows agencies to leverage its staff resources by managing a consultant team that is responsible for the delivery of the project. It is the consultant, not the agency that staffs the appropriate number of personnel for projects.

The HNTB team, which includes Parsons Corp., will work as an extension of INDOT's staff and by responsible for the oversight of the design elements that interface between multiple consultants, ensuring they are consistent and standardized across the various roadway sections. These elements include geometrics, final grades, maintenance of traffic, signing and drainage. HNTB also will be responsible for final plan development of the mainline.

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