Geospatial Transportation Mapping Association

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209 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E.
Washington, DC
(540) 752-9600

The purpose of GTMA is to promote the best interests of the geospatial transportation mapping industry and to enhance our ability to provide beneficial services to those who rely on our services to make transportation infrastructure safer, more efficient and cost-efficient. Members will work together to develop an association to carry out the following activities:


  • Establish a central organization through which lawful undertakings of the industry may be conducted effectively by cooperative effort.

  • Collect and disseminate data and statistics which are of value to the membership.

  • Educate and inform the general public and policymakers about the role of geospatial mapping (collection and representation of geospatial data) in improving roadway, waterway, airport and rail infrastructure.

  • Create new markets and enlarge current markets through promotional programs, market research and public relations.

  • Discuss, study, promulge, and advocate for the adoption of technical standards and specifications that advance the selection and use of geospatial mapping data collection technologies for roadway, waterway, airport and rail infrastructure.

  • Initiate, promote, direct and manage educational programs relating to geospatial transportation mapping data collection and use.

  • Establish and maintain an appropriate liaison relationship with federal, state, and local government agencies and legislative bodies and related trade associations and organizations to further the best interests of the association members and to improve geospatial transportation mapping.

  • Perform such other activities as may be in the best interests of the membership.

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