Vermont Governor Signs Largest Transportation Budget in State History

July 17, 2023
Funding comes from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and state money.

After signing a record setting transportation budget bill, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has now signed the largest ever transportation budget for the state.

The annual bill includes funding for the state’s transportation program and miscellaneous changes to transportation laws.

Funding comes from sources that include the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act as well as state money.

The governor said that the funding will cover highway construction and paving, bridge maintenance and repairs, public transit, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Transportation emissions reduction programs are also included.

The recently signed bill, H479, includes more than $140,000,000 million for paving projects that will cover more than 450 miles of improvements.

An additional $18,200,000 million is designated for bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation alternatives program funding. The money will be used for 55 construction projects and the design of 37 additional projects across the state.

Public transit is slotted in at $48,800,000 million. Rail projects will receive $43 million.

$27,900,000 million will be made available to continue implementing programs to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector.

Scott said the investments to transportation made in the bill “will benefit Vermonters for years to come.”

The bill was signed after lawmakers removed from the bill provisions to increase fees that include registrations, driver’s license fees, and truck permits. H479 initially called for raising rates by about 20% starting Jan.1.

The governor said the increases were unfair, and refused to sign until the provisions were removed.


Source: Land Line Media