EQUIPMENT FOCUS: Small but mighty

June 7, 2012

The secret to doing any job is having the right tools available. Construction equipment attachments and other pieces of light equipment give operators many of those tools that they would not have otherwise.

The secret to doing any job is having the right tools available. Construction equipment attachments and other pieces of light equipment give operators many of those tools that they would not have otherwise.
Versatility and multifunctionality are prominent features of various attachments and other light equipment, making them the right tool for multiple jobs. Terex’s G-Series mulcher attachment gives its compact track loader the ability to cut and mulch trees in addition to mowing. The V3 FlexPlane landscaping blade can be used as a standard, rigid blade or contoured to the surrounding landscape.
The other benefit of attachments and light equipment is the ability to work in smaller spaces with greater accuracy. E-Z Drill’s EQ MT concrete drill models feature a side-shift control panel so operators can reposition the drill more precisely from the ground. Brokk AB’s Brokk 100 demolition machine provides greater breaking power and stands less than
4 ft tall.

Getting a grip
There are no hydraulic hookups on Kenco’s New Generation (NG) Barrier Lift. The attachment automatically closes around the target barrier and doesn’t open until the barrier is set in place. The grip is strong even in wet weather thanks to 33% wider elastomer pads. It can handle any type of concrete median barrier, sound wall or curbing and piling thanks to a 6- to 12-in. variable grip range. Self-aligning guides are optional for all models.

Double duty
Created for Terex’s PT-100G Forestry compact track loader, the G-Series mulcher attachment uses a two-stage process to handle any tree up to 8 in. in diameter. Twin carbide teeth chew up the initial load, which is then processed into fine mulch particles and discharged. For jobs requiring an extra-fine mulch, an optional primary stage shear bar is available. The attachment also can be used for clearing brush and mowing grass and weeds. Two different motor options are available.

More compact(ion)
A variety of attachments make up Atlas Copco’s newest line of light compaction equipment. LT series tampers were designed for granular and cohesive soils, featuring a low-emission, low-noise Honda four-stroke engine and multifunctional fuel tank. LF forward plates are meant for small repair and maintenance work with granular soils and asphalt, while the forward-reversible LG (gear) and LH (hydraulic) plates offer an alternative to rollers. The LP series of walk-behind duplex rollers and trench compactors are ideal for compaction in small, confined spaces.

Quiet strength
The EX Series engines from Subaru are powered by chain-driven overhead-cam technology, running between 4.5 and 9 hp. Engine noise is reduced through fewer moving parts and optimized-capacity rigid mufflers. Several sets of heat-dissipation fins, combined with 360° airflow around the exhaust and intake valve stems, regulate temperature to avoid engine failure. The patent-pending oil delivery system keeps the engine running smoothly without spouting.

Improved accuracy
Backhoes and excavators can make use of any of the three concrete drill models in the Model 210 Equipment-Mounted series from E-Z Drill. Key features include a user-friendly control panel for operation from the ground and a side-shift control for greater accuracy. A “floating” bucket curl pin makes leveling and positioning easier; drills also can be rotated a full 360°. Multipoint oil injection allows the operator to lubricate each drill individually for enhanced durability.

Flexible grading
The pivoting, self-adjusting blade of the V3 FlexPlane allows the attachment—ideal for landscaping—to handle any terrain configuration; it also can be locked into place. Double-beveled, hardened cutting edges and stationary rear side plates maximize the amount of dirt that can be moved with this skid-steer attachment. Installation and repositioning are easy thanks to Grouser’s Accu-Tach system.

Close-quarters combat
Measuring less than 4 ft tall, the Brokk 100 demolition machine from Brokk AB was designed for demolition in tight spaces. A load-sensing hydraulic system combined with the SB152 breaker attachment give the unit 35% more breaking power than previous models. The 20-hp electric motor can be operated at 32 amp or dialed down to 16 amp. Compatible with various attachments, the machine boasts improved cooling, rubber pads on the outriggers and impact-resistant steel covers.

Variable-speed pouring
Capable of operating at varying speeds of 0-25 cu yd per hour, the Model RD6536 Skid-Steer Pump Attachment from Blastcrete is useful for a variety of concrete and shotcrete applications. The unit features a horizontal pumping distance of 250 ft and vertical range of 50 ft with a rubber delivery line. The hydraulic agitator in the receiving hopper keeps the mix well-blended and prevents it from clogging. The unit’s ability to run in forward and reverse also limits clogs.

Impenetrable tires
The Solid Flex Tires from CE Attachments last three times longer than pneumatic foam-filled tires and never go flat. An enhanced mining rubber compound makes them resistant to tearing and chunking as well. The tires offer superior traction and stability with no bounce, thanks to an improved tread-bar design. The step tread is self-cleaning.

Inside look
Using the hand-guided color scanner of Hilti’s PS 1000 X-Scan Radar Detection System, operators can see up to 12 in. through concrete structures to find ideal drilling points. The full system includes the scanner itself, portable monitor for on-site use and PC software for detailed image viewing and data management. Images can be displayed in 2-D or 3-D on the portable PSA 100 monitor.

A bigger bucket
With a total capacity of 42 cu ft, Ramrod’s Large Capacity Dumper Bucket can carry anything. Loading and unloading are easy thanks to the 30° dump angle and the dual castor wheels driven by a pivoting walking axle. When full, the bucket can accommodate up to 2,400 lb of material.

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