Driverless shuttle to open for use in Las Vegas

The shuttle will be available during the Consumer Electronics Show next week

January 02, 2018
driverless shuttle

The nation’s first driverless shuttle for public use will be picking up passengers and driving along a short loop in Las Vegas when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) comes to the city next week.

The autonomous vehicle, which launched in November, is limited to eight passengers as it travels along a 3/5-mile loop in downtown Vegas. Locals and tourists as well as CES delegates may ride for free.

The specific route for the Hop On project, a yearlong experiment incorporating new technology, may vary from day to day but will include three posted stops. One is at the Downtown Container Park at 7th and Fremont streets in the Fremont East entertainment district.

Rides are available daily. Hours may vary, but the shuttle generally operates between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The autonomous shuttle relies on technology-driven tools such as cameras, GPS, radar and laser rangefinders to make driving decisions.


Source: Los Angeles Times