Debate on Senate floor begins

News AGC April 28, 2005
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The Senate has begun debate on the TEA-21 reauthorization bill (S

The Senate has begun debate on the TEA-21 reauthorization bill (S.732) after approving the "motion to proceed" on a cloture vote of 94-6. Senators from Texas, Arizona and New Hampshire voted against the cloture measure in protest over the funding distribution formula in the bill.

As the debate on the bill started the Bush Administration issued its latest veto threat should the bill exceed $284 billion in funding recommended by the President or if the final measure allows for a federal bonding program. The bill will be on the Senate floor through Friday when a one-week congressional recess begins. The debate will be interrupted by consideration of the congressional budget resolution, a supplemental appropriation measure and debate over judicial nominees. It is unlikely action on the bill will be completed before the break.

Following the Congressional recess Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley and Ranking Democrat Max Baucus intend to offer an amendment to provide additional Highway Trust Fund revenue necessary to increase the overall funding level. An amendment by Sen. Kit Bond will seek to eliminate a provision in the bill to set aside approximately $900 million of state funds each year for stormwater mitigation projects.

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