US-10 Rehabilitation Clare & Isabella Counties

April 2, 2020

The Michigan Concrete Association (MCA) and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) wanted to test nonwoven geotextiles as an alternative to 1 inch asphalt in unbonded concrete overlay projects. US-10 Clare was chosen for the trial based on its existing pavement condition. The pavement section selected is nearly 60-years-old ,and is 24 feet in length. It has two lanes in each direction and features a nine inch jointed reinforced concrete pavement (JRCP). Over the past 20 years, several minor concrete repair projects have been completed on this section of roadway.  

The project was split into three sections using GEOTEX® Nonwoven 1041NH and 1741NH and a standard 1 inch Hot Mix Asphalt Separator Layer (HMASL). All areas were divided by full-depth reconstruct sections. Transverse joints unbonded overlay sections were spaced 12 feet apart and contained 1 inch load transfer bars. The concrete pavement interlayers were installed using ProGrip™, an adhesive that replaces the traditional nail-down installation method. It is more cost efficient and faster than the traditional nails.

GEOTEX Nonwoven geotextiles are made from high-quality polypropylene staple fibers that are needle-punched to form a dimensionally stable fiber network. They are commonly used to provide separation/stabilization between a roadway and the subgrade soil. Propex offers a full line of nonwoven products that are compliant with AASHTO/NTPEP standards and are available in a variety of styles to fit specific project needs and specifications.

The installation team was impressed with the ease of the installation process and the strength of the adhesive bond during windy conditions. MDOT chose the adhesive installation method because it is more cost effective than current standard practices and it offers improved performance. Over the next 25 years, this project will be evaluated using a variety of test methods. Interim performance reports will be written at years 5, and 15, followed by a final report at year 25.Propex will continue to update on its progress.

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