MBEAT Performance Plus Online Training Equals the RSI Advantage

July 19, 2022

Road Systems, Inc (RSI) are industry leaders providing ever-advancing solutions and timeless technology to produce the highest-quality roadside safety products. The RSI MASH 2016-compliant product line consists of two W-Beam terminals, the MSKT (MASH-compliant Sequential Kinking Terminal) and the MFLEAT (MASH-compliant Flared Energy Absorbing Terminal) — the only MASH 2016-compliant flared terminal in the market and a Box Beam Terminal, the MBEAT (MASH-compliant Box Beam Energy Absorbing Terminal) — which is the only MASH 2016-compliant Box Beam Terminal in the market.


The MBEAT is a roadside energy-absorbing terminal used to protect the ends of 6” x 6” roadside box beam barriers. The MBEAT uses the same field-proven technology as its predecessor, the NCHRP 350 BEAT — requiring a few modifications to be made and still successfully performing in more stringent crash conditions. Box Beam and RSI’s MBEAT are very user-friendly to the vehicle. Box beam provides open air for better field of vision and aesthetics and also resists collecting snow drifts. The MBEAT has been successfully installed in states that use box beam, including New York, Vermont, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and North Dakota.

RSI Online Training

Beginning in 2018, RSI has also broken ground in the training market by developing online training courses for all three of their MASH 2016-compliant terminals. Proper training for installation, inspection and repairs is crucial to ensure successful product performance — and now this training can be accessed and achieved from anywhere, 24/7/365. With the RSI comprehensive online training tools and testing capabilities, contractors and inspectors can experience benefits that may not be presented during in-person training sessions or webinars, such as:

  • Saving time
  • Learning at their own pace
  • Available to the user 24/7
  • Receiving real-time feedback
  • Standardized instructions and guidance
  • Accessible external resources
  • Print certificate of completion immediately after passing the final exam

RSI Online Training displays exclusive interactive tools and features, including:

  • A 3-D interactive model that can be rotated to any angle, zoomed in/out, and/or exploded into individual components
  • A virtual installation model in which the participant must select each individual component and “install” it on-screen
  • Videos that show MASH crash testing

Experience the RSI advantage — a combination of ease of installation, interchangeability, unparalleled service and now, interactive online training.

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