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“The Point” on I-15 is the only major corridor into and out of the Salt Lake Valley. 

Highway Construction September 2016

For our second region report of 2016, the editors of Roads & Bridges head down south

Law September 2016

Considering a case of bid protesting and the reach of the courts

Construction of the massive 1,260-ft cross-river arch.

Bridges September 2016

Bridge helps cover wide Almonte River in Spain

Photo: Christian Mueller 123RF

Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS September 2016

Bluetooth beacons can make transit use easier

The Sky Ribbon.

Road Construction September 2016

Australia project already receiving high scores

Road Construction September 2016

Key to energy-efficient pavement is rolling resistance

Concrete September 2016

Latest research looks to strengthen concrete joints

Bridge Inspection September 2016

A team of researchers in Minnesota set out to answer just that question

Concrete placement by pumping.

Concrete September 2016

The right type of concrete can stop early cracking

Roads Report September 2016

Hands-free tech creates its own unique forms of distraction

Exterior image of completed pedestrian bridge. Photo courtesy of Harrison Photographic.

Bridge Design September 2016

Engineering a bi-national bridge with building boundaries 

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