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Asphalt April 2016

Diamond grinding as a preservation treatment saves money, prolongs pavement life in Missouri

Highway Maintenance April 2016

Georgia DOT assesses its state highway system and yields priority criteria

Bridges April 2016

NJDOT strengthens evacuation routes near the shore

Asphalt April 2016

Texas looks to update test, specs for chip seals

Security in intelligent transportation requires sensible planning and implementation of a defense-in-depth strategy. The combination of constructive, operational and reactive strategies over the long term can create a robust defense, where overall security can be achieved in scales greater than the sum of its parts. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS April 2016

Keeping ITS secure requires a multi-tier approach

DOT in Crisis April 2016

DOTs need to take the right steps to avoid attack

DOT in Crisis April 2016

DOTs cannot afford to take hand off cybersecurity switch

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